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The Elvis Conspiracy? explores the man, tells the story of his last days and gives the reader the first real insight into a world of which very few were privy. What was it like to be a part of this world behind the famous music gates in Memphis, Tennessee? What exactly happened? How do you go about planning and executing the largest funeral since President Kennedy's assassination?

The book details the events and decisions made August 16, 1977, and the days that followed. More importantly, The Elvis Conspiracy? details the players in this tragedy, the actual events which took place, narrated by someone who was there.

Thanks to the author's police background and professionalism, he was able to investigate the burning question proposed by Elvis' father and the world,

"Did Elvis Have to Die?"

"I wanted to let you know that I received the Elvis book yesterday evening when my mail came. Just to let you know I'm very impressed with the book. It's thicker than I expected, it was well worth the cost. This book is going to be my summer reading. Thanks for everything."